Friday, August 2, 2013

Beauty Tips for Women

We are in spring; the season in which all resend increased fatigue. Today we see together the tips for getting into shape by Marcella Ribuffo, medical director Dermatological Institute IDI Dermatology Clinic (Idi) in Rome.

• As for the skin, the watchword is hydration. It is important to choose formulas suitable for your skin type. They are recommended creams without silicone, petroleum derivatives (such as paraffin) and are allergy free.


You can also use oxygen therapy: a non-invasive treatment that, through the use of hyperbaric oxygen, activates cell metabolism. It has a lifting power and counteracts cell damage. The complexion becomes brighter and more radiant complexion and skin is prepared for tanning.

Profits also scrubs the evening, once a week. Preferred products based microspheres of urea with added essential oils, such as orange, and plant extracts with softening, for example, cherry, avocado and almonds.

When the skin is more mature instead the exfoliation can be performed with active such as retinol, vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids. All substances capable of stimulating cellular renewal and hide blemishes and wrinkles.
Finally, for every day and it is better to use moisturizers or foundation, with protection from UV rays.

• With regard to the movement, it is crucial to start physical activity especially if it is done during the winter.
A program of two sessions per week of aerobic exercise gives tone to the muscles. The ideal is the pool.
The aqua shapes the silhouette thanks to the resistance of the water.

Who does not desire or time to go to the gym can do anyway instead of physical activity. For example, the jumps with rope activate metabolism. While a brisk walking outdoors helps the mind and tones muscles.


• Regarding the power supply, the advice is to follow the Mediterranean diet, preferring foods draining and detoxifying.

It starts from fruits and vegetables in season. During this period, for example, is easy to find artichokes, chicory and bitter taste of vegetables: all good because they promote digestion. And do not forget also the plant from the skin red or orange: carrots, peppers, strawberries, radishes, tomatoes, blueberries, in fact, contain carotenoids, lycopene, anthocyanins, bioflavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that help to limit the damage of aging.

An aid also comes from the probiotic drink and enriched with Omega 3 and antioxidants, which help to maintain the skin's balance.

Finally natural water in abundance: the classic two liters per day. Instead better to limit the intake of salt, which retains the fluid in the skin tissues promotes the stagnation and, consequently, a worsening of cellulite.


• Air pollution and smoking are enemies of the hair. To regenerate after the winter you can use products that stimulate growth, calibrate the natural biological cycle and have them grow strong and healthy.
Are commercially available ready-made products based on adenosine, ornithine and taurine, spirulina, these substances that nourish the hair, stimulating vitality. Are solutions or ampoules to apply for one or two months.

There are masks and wraps with anti-inflammatory function, based on beta-glucan or glycyrrhetinic acid to be carried out two or three times a week. Useful to improve the state of health of the hair and especially to revitalize growth can also be based on Resveratrol capsules, lycopene and vitamin C to be taken orally.

• Among the interventions to stay in shape, the doctor suggests infrared laser noninvasive, useful to return light to the complexion: therapy triggers a phenomenon of healing that stimulates the production of new collagen, with the result that the skin tissue appears rejuvenated and polished. Three sessions are enough to get good results.

To tone certain areas of the body you can instead use the massage: it relaxes muscle tension, strengthens the skin tissue that have lost firmness. In addition, a massage improves circulation, removes debris that accumulate in the muscles, adipose tissues. Finally stimulates the nervous system to produce endorphins, chemicals produced by the brain and equipped with a powerful analgesic activity and exciting.

• Finally, with regard to hair removal, better start now to prepare for the summer. The pulsed light is no more than a beam of high intensity light that affects the hair follicles without damaging the skin. The system works well, especially in the most sensitive areas. Requires little time (from 10 to 30 minutes), ensures a permanent hair removal and does not cause irritation.

You can also use the classic waxing. But you can use the variants that give beauty to the skin. The delicate rose jelly allows effective epilation, that leaves the skin soft and velvety. The removal of sugar Kalawa (cold) at the base has a paste made of sugar and fruit and exfoliating action on the skin.

And what do you do to keep or get fit?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Apparel for Men this 2013

PittiUomo is the Fair starts today (until June 21) to Florence, and also collects the audience style icons, sneakers, hats, bracelets, ties, goggles and colors in what is the most important event for fashion ( and accessories) Italian men and opportunity to launch new projects. An event in which what you have to look at not only the exhibitors, but also the public! Looks are taken care of, original, sometimes eccentric, but never overdo it at Pitti there is elegance, as explained by journalist and fashion icon Federico Rocca.


Trends: sneakers for spring / summer 2011

The theme of the event this year is the bike, with Vroom VroomPitti, which has colonized Space Belfiore, became The Village: a new area dedicated to a selection of installations and special projects related to the world of accessories and of 'clothing, with protagonists Deus Ex Machina, Rolando thirteen, San Francisco 976, and Saraghina Tee trend.

Converse: The Canvas Experiment, photos

Alternative offers space installations in September Fortress, built by a select number of designers who do research and by young talents, including, Es'givien, Camo, with Iterhominis, The F, Lvchino, SerdarUzuntas, YOU (Your Own Universe). Also running the Arnhem Biennale - curated by LidewijEdelkoort trend hunters - whose theme is The fetishism in fashion. To see the site-specific installation Momenting the Memento, curated by Linda Loppa, formed by a cross-shaped structure, where they will be showing a series of photographs taken by RuggeroLupoMengoni, who view the relationship between dress, architecture and city.

The sexiest shoes of 2010: the competition of Saks Fifth Avenue and Footwear News

Special guest of this edition will be the thirty-one Croatian designer DamirDoma, whose parade (women) is on the agenda Wednesday night at the Garden Corsini al Prato. The designer will present his new collection Resort. The guest nation at this edition, however, will be Turkey. Happening women's collections of AslıFilinta, DKaprol, ElifCığızoğlu and ZeynepTosun.


Trainers, the best collections winter 2011/2012

Women's collections at Pitti W have moved inside the walls of the Fortezza da Basso (in the Arena Strozzi) and anticipate trends for next spring. Pitti W in practice is a strategic platform in which to present at the beginning of the season premieres of women's fashion. The new Pitti W will see in the foreground more and more research and scouting and a strong focus on the product. Among the most cutting edge styles are the Future Men, Touch! and The Other Man.

The Pitti Italics, which is the program through which PittiImmagine promotes and supports the new generation of fashion designers in 2013 is three marks, one of which èAquazzura, the Italian luxury brand of shoes created by Colombian designer Edgardo Osorio. LapoCianchi, communications and events director of PittiImmagine, described the mark of Osorio "cosmopolitan yet traditional, which enhances the manufacturing capabilities of our country, the ability to blend them all into a product and unmistakable glamor, international and Italian deeply together." The other two stars of the new national fashion are MSGM by Massimo Giorgetti and Stella Jean.

Dr. Martens Shoes

Today it is in the scene Polimoda Fashion Week, which opens with the Fashion Show 2013, the event starring the graduating students of the fourth year in Fashion Design and the third year in Fashion Technology. A marathon of fashion parade in which more than 800 outfits.Polimoda has a number of leaders from the ethnic theme tailoring for both men and for women, in which the linens will be reinterpreted with graphic signs and artistic works of great visual impact. The best students of the school will also be POLIMODATALENT protagonists of the site, which will serve to raise awareness of their own professional profile.


PittiUomo: the designers of the future

To see space Woolmark Company that brings the 2014 winter collection and the work done in collaboration with the Cerruti Mill, born in 1881, and with ItaldesignGiugiaro, the new prototype or show jumping, whose interiors have been designed with a precious fabric in merino wool. The sportswear is housed in I Play with the brands: Dr. Martens, Fred Perry, Frescobol Carioca, Grafik Plastic, Herschel Supply co., Incase, New Balance, Nixon, Paikaji, Pantone Universe, Quiksilver Original Boarshorts, Seavess, Series, Sun68, Victorinox and White Raven.

Fred Perry men's collection spring summer 2011

The Main Pavilion with spaces maintained by Patricia Urquiola, is instead characterized the contamination design. There are BrunelloCucinelli, Car Shoe, Church's, Felisi, Isaiah, Lardini, Altea, Kiton, Herno, Sealup, Allegri, Bruno Magli, CesarePaciotti and Lead, while new forms of cultural underground, which also touch technology, music, art and design, can be found in My Factory: Atheist / Berlin, Basicon, Bellfield, Dolfie, Element, Jahfreee, Kele, I-Pac, Moveroma, RSVP, Rico, Rivieras Leisure Shoes, Blood, Skive, Stow & Son, Super D, Temporary K and Tom & Hawk.

The photos of the Adidas Tennis Hi Lux Open

New Beat (s) is then the area that PittiUomo dedicates to world firsts: young designers and international brands, that an accurate scouting identified among the most interesting in the fashion scene today, and making their debut for the first time at the show. The brands at this edition are Blanquilla, Brownie And Blondie, Daniel Basta, Duedilatte, Duren, Harker, Jimi Roos, Nhivuru, Oybo, OOO - Out of Order, Few, Ruhi Tamer Cogal, Thomas Behrens and Wood'd. And 'the area that attracts journalists and fashion fictims

Onitsuka Tiger sneakers for the 60th anniversary of the brand

New arrive brand: Saks Fifth Avenue choose PittiUomo for the launch of her first collection of menswear Saksfifthavenue, Angelo GalassoSSForever presents its collection with an exclusive event in collaboration with L'Uomo Vogue, the Koreans emerging Stefano Bemer, Locman. U.S.PoloAssn organizes a DJ set of skins. The prize will go to the PittiImmagineCamoshita Japanese brand United Arrows. Among the new designers honored by Pitti there are the Japanese Kolor (Japanese brand founded in 2004 founded by Junichi Abe), Thursday evening at the Spheristerion and the aforementioned Croatian DamirDoma. Andrea Pompiliopresenta his sneaker made in collaboration with Onitsuka Tiger (the collection will be featured in a show-performance Wednesday, June 20, 2013 to Customs Street Valfonda). The preview of the new collection Adidas by Tom Dixon, an innovative concept of travel accessories and sportswear multifunction created by well-known British industrial designer.